Sunday, October 19, 2008


If there is one sport that I will never love nor play, it is Badminton. From the root word "Bad", it is really that bad. It's not a contact sport so it's automatically BORING. The only thing you really get in contact with is with the ShuttleCOCK, so this game is automatically considered "GAY".

quit clowning around!

It's official: BADMINTON IS GAY
2 become 1

It makes you look gay and makes you love cocks. Women are the only ones who should play this sport, unless they are lesbians, they should be cleaning carpets on weekends. When the badminton craze hit the country, I said "more cocks will be hit this year.." and it was true, an average of 50,000 hits happen in one night alone. From call center agents/slaves to Managers to Government employees, almost everybody (with an arm), play(ed) badminton.

Who wear short shorts?

Office encounter:

Employee 1: Pare, san ka punta? bakit may raketa ka? Magtetennis ka ba?
Employee 2:
Dude, pare.. I'm going to play Badminton later. Sama ka, it's cool pare.
Employee 1:
Ha? Di ako marunong nyan eh, basketball na lang. Chaka, paano naging cool ang badminton?
Employee 2: Basketball? Sawa na ako sa balls dude, it's time to play with cocks naman. It's a sport for sosy people, it's the "in" sport now. You get to hangout with big people like the managers and supevisors, even artistas pare...It's fully airconditioned naman kaya it's cool, dude.
Employee 1:
Cool? Aircondition? (gago pala to eh..) So playing badminton make you sosy?
Employee 2: Of course, dude! Only the elite play badminton!
Employee 1:
Oh..di ako pwede jan..chaka kelangan ko umuwi ng bahay ng maaga at baka makalimutan nanaman magluto ng katulong namen dahil sa paglalaro ng badminton sa labas ng bahay..
Employee 2:
Ahh..err...pare you heard na ba about this new movie coming? Dude, yung Twilight!
Employee 1: That movie sucks man.. It only appeals to teen girls, and the actual ‘plot’ is really idiotic.
Employee 1:
Umm, let's talk about the NBA na lang..

Big Cocks will rock you.

But who really made this sport popular?
TV exposure?
NO. A Hollywood movie? NO. Eat Bulaga? NO. A book! Harry Potter plays Badminton! NO. Piolo Pascual? NO. Sam Milby! NO.

Then who?

It's your dependable, underpaid Maid/Helper/
Katulong. Our maid was the best player in badminton in our subdivision. She plays with other katulongs after doing her chores. They play outside, in front of the house to the delight of Construction workers and "boys". The funny thing is, there is no such thing as a score. They end the game when they are called back by their employers to cook dinner or when it's too dark for them to see the cocks.

Even Badminton was played by 16th century maids

For women only indeed

Conclusion: Women are the only ones who should play Badminton, Men...please stay away..if you love cocks, go for sabong.

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