Sunday, March 22, 2009


Even with tats, you still look gay

After the introduction of popped collars and shutter comes a new one. Ladies and gentlemen...welcome another GAYdom abomination...


I have seen it, you have seen it and it's's here!

Plaid is so gay that it makes you step on yourself for no reason at all

Fellas, c'mon... PLAID is made ONLY for women and for Scotsmen.
If you have a vagina or if you blow pipes like a scotsmen, then go ahead, wear plaid shorts/skirt.

Plaid: made for women

I've seen TV personalities who wear Plaid shorts already. And they are all gay. Some guy named Jericho Rosales, Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby and our favorite Gary V. (for the record, I WAS BEING SARCASTIC).


Save yourselves and save your face.


If you can't help it, just wear it inside your room wherein nobody will be able to see it.

Plaid: When gays bust-a-move

"With PLAID, You won't get LAID."
-Jobert Balbastro

Women on plaid: Manna from heaven

"I wear plaid briefs and I know women will love it! The only problem is they have no opportunity to see it as I like the lights turned off."

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I really don't hate Starbucks. But what happened last weekend really pissed me off.

Starbucks girl:
"And what is your name sir?"


And what did they write on my drink?


This is not good... I thought people from Starbucks are good listeners as they are good English speakers. Hey "Starbucks" how would you feel if I mispelled your name to "Seattle'sbucks?" or even "Coffeebeanbucks?" eh?

"Is that a Strawberries and cream drink you ordered?! How gay! Just kidding my friend! You're lucky to even get to enter Starbucks. I, on the other hand is an unlucky soul. It's either the guard does not let me in, or a bunch of posers with their laptops populate the place. Starbucks is a place for drinking and eating. Not studying! Go to the Library and stop showing off your laptops! Or I'm going to smash them to smithereens! Jobert, I'm starting to sound like you, I better lay off on the coffee..."

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