Friday, January 6, 2012

I hate the words you use!

Okay, after posting "I hate you much" Jobert decides to add more words he hates and words that you can use instead. Cool eh?

1. Instead of saying "Ikaw na!" use: "Ang yabang mo!" --This is pretty much applicable in facebook or twitter. You know that instance when your "friend" brags about something and people just start saying "ikaw na!" To translate it, they're just saying na "ang yabang mo!" And to dissect it: ikaw na ang ano? Fuck. Kung sa pagsasalita may pambibitin, nagka blue balls na kami sa pagbasa nyan. "IKAW NA!"

2. Instead of trying to be cool in using "occupy" like: Occupy Wallstreet, Occupy Manila, Occupy my ass, it would be best to just shut up. Just use "terrorize" or "loiter"

3. Instead of using "baby bump" to describe someone who is obviously pregnant, just say they're pregnant...or just fat. No more sugarcoating.

4. Instead of using "crap", just say "shit" it sounds better, and if it had a smell, it would smell better too. Masyadong pacute ang crap.

5. Instead of blurting out "Seriously?!" (with tone), just shut the fuck up and listen. This is similar to the "weh" of the jolog orcs. In-english lang.

Okay, this is giving me a big headache. I need to fucking stop this right now. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012



They say 2012 is the year of the "end". Sorry, last time I checked, the Mayans just failed to finish their calendar no thanks to the Spaniards who literally made them dinosaurs.

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