Sunday, June 21, 2009

I HATE SANTINO - "May Bukas Pa"

I hate the kid...and the show...

Okay, I'll make up reasons why I hate the kid and the show.

1. His mouth is bigger than mine! - Chicks dig this, and I guess Santino beat me to the punch.
say "MANNA!"

2. When we take a vote on what to watch, I always lose..People at home want to watch this crap. I'm still praying for the day the character dies together with the show.Ventriloquist... NOT

3. It's a ripoff, yes he will die just like the original film they copied it from. "MARCELINO" original..haha!

he dies in the end, goes to heaven END OF let me watch!

4. His name is too unique and bad ass!

Who names their kids ZAJIAN?

5. He attracts the finest women!!!

Partida na yan..supot pa yan.

"Jobert, you really have issues..this kid is so adorable and lovable! I think I love him already! Oh noh..I'm having my Michael-Jackson-syndrome again!"


Anonymous said...

i hate that show too. pakialamerong bata.


HAHA!I hope we don't get our one way ticket to the Sea of Fire. haha!

andrei jon said...

intrimitidong bata ng bagong pag-asa.

Anonymous said...

uuy, i-lilink ko ang blog mo ha. nakakaaliw kasi. puro pangaasar at pintas ang laman. :-)


Meloi: sige, wag mo lang sabihin sa nanay mo hate ko si Santino. Baka hindi ka na pabisitahin dito sa blog nun... hehehe..

Meloism said...

Hindi lihim sa aming pamilya na PAKIALAMERONG BATA ang tawag ko kay Santino.

At dahil dito, iritang-irita (to the highest level) ang nanay ko everytime manonood siya ng Santino Whatevs.

Spritzfire said...

Nice po ang blog niyo :)

pradotonivi said...

ang ouchy naman... oo totoo hindi original ang may bukas pa pero ang cute naman ni santino....... (no offense)

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