Monday, February 22, 2010


Simply stupid and selfish. I assume that this was made by girls who wanted their men to be their slaves. 
SORRY, It won't work for me! 

And guys, beware! Don't fall to this trap that you need to be the man they say you should be. 


Let's break down the list...

You're a lucky girl when you man:

1. FOLLOWS YOU WHEN YOU WALK OUT - What the? When you walk out, don't expect real men to follow you! Do a Talk n Text walk out and you'd get what you deserve. No, you don't get a fine of 1 million bucks, you just get to realize what a bad move it was since no sane guy will follow you.

2. CALLS YOU BACK WHEN YOU HANG UP - The question here is WHY? Why will men call you up when you hung up on them? So you can do it again? We ain't stupid.

3. HUGS YOU TIGHT WHEN YOU PUNCH HIM - Ain't this stupid? The only thing that will hug you when you punch me is a lawsuit! Or I'd let my sister who is a black belter in Shin to pain kungfu punch you in the face.

4. KISSES YOU WHEN YOU NAG - Nope.. Men, do not kiss your girlfriends when they nag. They may like it and nag even more!

5. WATCHES CHICK FLICKS WITH YOU , TOLERATES YOUR CRYING OVER LOVE STORIES- Basketball, Wrestling, Action films with Chuck Norris with us first, THEN we will watch you stupid chick flicks...Wait, since they are called chick flicks, they're only for chicks!

6. HANDS YOU THE REMOTE - For what?? The remote is no vibrator!

7. PASSES ON BOOZE NIGHT JUST TO LISTEN TO YOUR RANTING - Ladies, do not be fooled, we would only pass booze night only..and only if we do not have money.

8. KNOWS HOW TO SAY "I`M SORRY" AND ALWAYS TELLS YOU "I LOVE YOU". - I know how to do that... "I'M SORRY for reading this crap of a list..and I think I'd go back to my trusted BOOZE and say "I LOVE YOU to her". --Happy now????

"NOW WE CAN SAY, MEN ARE SELDOM MADE...SORT OF LIMITED EDITION" -  Yes..Men who would follow this pile of shit are seldom made alright! I tell you, this list is a disaster. It's sexist and it offends men! hehehe...

 "Feminism is the product of female selfishness, compounded by male chivalry."


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