Monday, April 18, 2011

I hate Chris Tiu

I know..I know...

Probabaly after reading the title, you'd think and ask... 

"Bakit si CHRIS TIU PA?"

The answer: "Coz I can."


There is so much to hate on Chris Tiu. Behind the chinky eyes, goody goody look and his suckadorable smile, there is still something you can hate or I can hate for that matter.

1. His voice - I honestly wish that Chris Tiu gets circumcised immediately. Its way overdue. But I do understand if its a cultural thing if he won't. That's one thing this writer would respect.  Really.

2. He hates porn - Allegedly, he does. Which is crazy. He looks like a dick. Tryin to be cool and clean? Hypocrisy ladies and gentlemen. I think I know why he hates porn. HE had a cameo appearance in that I love you BheBhe scandal a few years back. Yes. Along with other players. No, he was not the one who made the video. No nudity as well. It was just a mixed up tape with him inside it. Partying and Makati I guess.

3.He is a poster boy for everything - Gaddam..Really.

4. He is a softy -  I remember Chris Tiu got banged up by Dennis Espino in one PBA game. He got injured. Hey, but that's okay. The problem is he was yapping it up on TV.  Even hollering at Dennis not to do it again. Grow  a pair will you?

5. FLOP - If you happen to have a life and follow the UAAP and the PBA or even Smar Gilas for that matter, and if you have at least 10% Basketball IQ and knowledge, you would never doubt and disagree the statement that Chris Tiu is a flopper. 

His/Her flopping style is VERY different from other PBA players who flop-a-lot like: Ronald Tubid (The King of Flop or the Fearless Flop), Jimmy Alapag (The Mighty Flop), Paul Artadi (Lightning Flop), and La Tenorio (THE A Flop).


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