Friday, August 29, 2008


First of all, it does not make you look cool.

sorry, no nipple slips here.

Second, it's not fun.

simply stupid

Third, you look stupid.

after 10 minutes, they got married.

So you honestly think that capturing the moment of yourself while in mid-air is cool?
Sorry to break the news, it's not.
Funny thing is, people do this mostly on the beach, they think it's legal to look like retards while vacationing.

It's so sickening that I'd rather put live jellyfish all over my body.
Bottomline: It's not cool, it's not legal, it's not acceptable, it's not normal and it does not even match up to the "jumping pictures" that I consider cool.

Check them out, ignoramuses:

This is what everyone should witness

Mario is the jumping master, fool!

So next time you plan on doing this stupid stuff in public, think twice...or better yet, have a rope and get ready and do this:

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