Wednesday, December 24, 2008



The best "christmas gift" for that Twilight Fanatic.

Better watch out Twilight fools..err fans...Since ABS-CBN bought the television rights for the stupidly insane novel series... No, not Narnia.

ABS-CBN is going to localize this so called "(s)hit". No, they will not be showing the movie dubbed in tagalog/filipino, but a local production of it will be done.

Filipino originality at it's best! haha!
(Actually it's a clear bandwagonning thing...more of a strike while the iron is hot kind of thing.
Can I strike your head?

Some twilight retard fanatics say this will just ruin the twilight story and original film. Umm, REALITY CHECK: actually it won't... You cannot ruin something that is already ruined!

It's crazy and yes, I do hate it.

It's like Carlos Agassi rapping and some wannabe rapper guy imitating how he raps.

I think this is a slap in the face for Twilight diehards (with or without brain).

I pity you guys and Gays...because y'all deserve it.


"The best filipino vampire I ever saw on TV/movies was Redford white. The movie was "Darakula". He was tough, he was not afraid of the crucifix. I even have the poster below as proof that this movie was real. I remember eating balut inside the movie house in Quiapo when I first saw this masterpiece."

Redford is the only Vampire to use a crucifix, beat that!


Anonymous said...

pure Sh*t!! -_-')

bien(: said...



On December 24, uploaded a story, "ABS-CBN bags rights for local 'Twilight' remake". The source of the story was a report by entertainment writer Edgar Cruz posted on

The duty editor who uploaded the story failed to check with ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. whether the story was correct and accurate.

ABS-CBN Corp. Communications head Bong Osorio has since denied that the company will do a local remake of the movie, Twilight. thus decided to remove the article from our website.

Our apologies. -- Eds.

as of 12/30/2008 7:54 PM

What I think about it?


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