Friday, January 2, 2009

What I hate 2008


1. Twilight -Overhyped and Overrated..result? Disappointment.

2. James Yap - Stop running MR. Overrated. And just like his wife, he has this
attitude problem.

Where is Kris when I need her??

3. Shutter Shades - You are not Kanye West.

4. Those crazy scarves! aka shemagh- Yasser Arafat will bomb your house..that is if he was still alive.

You wear a scarf..I bomb your house.

5. "Always be my baby" by David Cook- Stop it already, please.

6. The Boston Celtics and their Bandwagon fans - A real fan huh? So who was the team's starting 5 before KG jumped ship?
A blow by blow coverage of KG

7. Sarah Palin- she's hot, but I hate her. But she's hot...

8. EMO kids- With the bangs covering one eye, and with "depression" smell in the air. I never would have thought being depressed was "cool".

Not in the face, but in the gonads!

9. Gossip Girl - Trying hard to be like Laguna Beach..never heard? go figure.

10. Shisha- Not cool. You look like that caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland. Woopee!

"One puff, Alice. One won't hurt" --Peer pressure

11. Lebron James - Media's favorite, every bandwagon fan's favorite "King".
The "king" let down the robe.

12. Gabriel Valenciano- Who the hell is he? Gary V.'s son. You know what? I hate your dad too.
Quezon City Circle pose.

13. Rayver Cruz- The name alone is the green light for haterdom.
Why Shaina? Why?

14. The hosts of Wowowee- Please..stop...shouting!
15. Boracay/Embassy/Ascend gimik showoff pics - And how did you get it? guest
16. Lomography/Fish eye- Overrated, not cool. It will not make you artsy, you fartsy.

17. Britney Spears - Stop playing her songs in the radio! Please! Or imma hit you one more time!

18. Santa Claus- The God of greed and materialism! He's not even real!

19 "Jump shots" - Be it in the beach, office or in the club, this will never be cool!

20. Freddie Roach- Why? Because he said this:
“In a perfect world, I would like to see him fight Ricky Hatton and then Floyd Mayweather Jr. and then I would like to see Manny retire, and become President of the Philippines.”--Okay, Freddie...
"Show me the Manny! Show me the Manny!"

"When it rained last December 31, it did not stop me from lighting firerworks! I was still able to make paputok. Pinutok ko sa loob! I was able to set a sawa inside the house and I was able to drive out not only the evil spirits, but also the residents of our house! Beat that!"

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