Sunday, January 25, 2009


I do not understand....cannot comprehend....cannot fathom... (ang lalim) the fact that people (Narutards) adore and love Narutwerp.


"Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and aspires to become a Hokage, the ninja in his village that is acknowledged as the leader and the strongest of all."

Okay..was that even english? geez..

It's easy to hate a blonde ninja wannabe..really it's easy..but for some (Narutards), they find it easier to worship him.

May this world end in 2012!

Anyway, let me enumerate my reasons...

1. Naruto is a Ninja - Simply outrageous! Outrageously stupid! Come on! A Ninja..who hides in the trees..and gets surprised as he gets spotted by the enemy. NARUTO, You are wearing an ORANGE JUMPSUIT! Even Mr Moleman or Mr Magoo can see you a mile away!

These Ninjas are like cowabunga!

2. Naruto wears a belt - No problem if you wear it the correct way. He wears it on his head. Parents, if you see your kids wearing their belts over their know who to blame.

Simply gay eh?

3. Naruto does not take a bath - He doesnt. He has this strange dirt marks on his cheeks. So you wanna have that dirty-rugged-carpentero look ha! Sorry, it won`t work.

Snake eyes had enough of this kiddo

4. Naruto talks a lot - REAL Ninjas don't even talk. They Kill! And they kill fast. Narutwerp likes to talk..he dictates what he thinks..and what he is about to do. Here's an excerpt from one of Naruto`s generic and repetitive fight scenes:

Character 1
"Ill use my (insert skill name) on you! To end this once and for all!" *thinking to himself/herself* "If I do this it will drain all my chakra"

Character 2

*thinking to himself/herself* "What an Idiot! If he uses (insert skill name) he/she will drain all of his/her chakra!"

Bad guy

"You cant kill me with that (insert skill name)" "You will drain all your chakra"

Zzz....sorry I dozed off...I think you get the picture...

5. Talking dog - Stupid and not original. Goofy is the best talking dog. And nobody can be better than him!

6. Naruto has no originality - Orange suit? Sorry, you were not the first.

7. Naruto is a virus- Yes, he is responsible of spreading and cowardly replicating not only of himself, but he is responsible for spreading NARUTARDATION.

This is sickening...

8. Naruto promotes Sodomy -Proof? Screen capture below...

I said kick his ass! Not violate his ass!

9. Naruto is such a weak "Ninja" wannabe that this fella below can whoop his behind. He can turn Narutwerp's blonde hair to black!

10. Naruto is trying to be the biggest and lamest Ninja of all time, and I hate him for it. The lamest Ninjas you'd ever see are the Ninja Kids. No question bout that, get your katanas and cut your head off if you think that I am wrong.

I got the amulet..I got the power!


"One morning I was so happy that I thought Naruto was in front of our house! I rushed out to hug him! However, I completely stopped! It was not my Idol! But it was the garbage collector! Complete with the Orange Jumpsuit, and agua oxenadad hair!"

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andrei jon said...

but i love naruto. geez.. im first. well. naruto... became an inspiration when i was in HS. you know when times are rough. the friendship values. never ever leave your friend in the middle of a fight. kasama din dun sila vegeta and gokou but man ninjas are cool! wait. aren't they? hmm... (summoning technique!)
and the huge orange toad appeared.
(yeah i get it. it isnt that cool now that i was on the young adult stage. its a matter of age gap. but i still love naruto)

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