Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Garbage..simply garbage...yes, like that April boy Regino tape you bought, just like the tickets from an LA Lopez concert you kept. I hate garbage. Lalo na yung garbage that comes out from one's mouth... Sabi sa Bible...

Matthew 15:16-18

"16"Are you still so dull?" Jesus asked them. 17"Don't you see that whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and then out of the body? 18But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and these make a man 'unclean.'" --- I just had to connect..forgive me for that..haha..

Here are some words you hear, mmmm.. probably use just to make you sound or look cool:


Ex. Man in Barong: "Musta summer mo pre?"
Man in rags: "Steady lang pre..steady lang.."

This phrase is usually heard when you ask "Kumusta?" or "Whassup?" A simple "Okay lang" would do, but no..they HAD to come up with this. Steady what? why? where? Stupid.


Ex. (Stoned "dude" liking what he is seeing): "Good vibes pare...Good vibes!"

Either you hear this when someone is really stoned or drunk or when someone just wants to stand out from the crowd and sound "cool".
* Just like my friend Marky would say "Good Vibes" my ass...if i punch you in the face would you call that "good vibes"?...hehe


Ex. Stupid Student 1: "Man, the exam was really hard man.."
REALLY Stupid Student 2: "I know, right! It`s harder than cement."

You know what? Shut the hell up. Usually heard in Starbucks where girls talk about stupid nothings or in any classroom wherein you are in the vicinity of a Fil-AM (Feeling American) or Amboy (Amoy Baboy).


Ex. "O-M-G! It's the Jonas Brothers!"

Usually heard all over the place. Short for "Oh My God!" Typing it is acceptable, yeah I can tolerate that..but blurting it out with such fervor is not. Aartehan mo pa ba ang salita mo kapag mahuhulog na sa bangin ang kotse mo? What`s next? P-T-J? "Patay Tayo Jan"?

Next on this blog...The Jonas Brothers.

"O-M-G! I'm so excited! WTF? That's not Goldberg! PTJ!"


andrei jon said...

hey mr blogger. make a post about hannah montana (miley cyrus)! lalo na ngayon na release na ng movie niya! PTJ. as in OMFG why the hell is she popular among younger girls?

camille said...

i skimmed through the whole first page, this is actually extremely funny, and how you make fun of the entire society in one blog.

3ntmonty said...

your blog is really entertaining to read. i agree with you regarding men carrying their partner's handbag. i will never make my partner do that no matter how heavy my bag gets. and if in case he offers, i will slap him in the face and remind him that real men will never be seen carrying a woman's handbag.

kawaiileena said...

Hahaha! I love this post. I agree with almost everything you stated. I hate it whenever someone says "I know, right~" or "O....M....G...!" in front of my face. It makes me want to rip their skin ~_~

Don't worry about the .. err, extra skin in your earlier post. Lol, won't tell anybody about it. :P

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