Saturday, November 8, 2008


I hate it when people go to Baguio and take pictures with the infamous St. Bernard of Baguio. The so called coolest dog in the world...The name of the dog is Doglas, a very unique and creative name I should say.......oooohkay...

Stylin and profilin'..the coolest dog of the Philippines

He can be seen either in Mines View Park, Burnham Park or in the Botanical Garden.

Let me get this straight, I do not loathe the dog (yet), as he does nothing but profile and earn 10 bucks per shot. Cool job huh?

my future is so bright, I have to wear shades...

At least he has a job, not unlike your 30 year old boyfriend.

Doglas: Rub me in the right place baby and I'd hit it from behind...

The thing I have is with the people who think it's cool having a picture with an adorable,big dog.
People, it's not.

It's like showing people how stupid you are. It's like its your first time to see a dog that big and a dog with that breed.


Have you been livin' inside a cave? (with Yogi)

Doglas: get off me! I think I saw a cat!

Come on, go grab a Beethoven DVD. Go to Cartimar, or to Tiendesitas.

You do not have to go to Baguio just to take this picture, and it does not make you cool to make it a reason on why you went to the City of Pines.

I'd rather have a picture with a vulture or with a Hyena, or if it's in Baguio, an Ifugao native wearing Nike Air force ones and dancing the snap dance... now that is cool.

Or these pictures:

kanya-kanyang style lang yan.

magandang umaga bayan!

Oh, Just give the dog a bone.

Note from the Author: No dogs, kids, women were hurt during the making of this entry and during the taking of the photographs. Only egos were hurt.


Anonymous said...

the dog is cute, you're full of angst


The Dog is indeed cute and intelligent. I Never hated the Dog.

Correct, I'm full of angst indeed.

While you.. You're full of angst and your not intelligent, You can't read and Doglas smells better that you.

you just got served.

jobertoholics around the world