Saturday, November 14, 2009



Glee is defined as: malicious satisfaction.

I'd NEVER watch it, even if Megan Fox begs me to watch it with her in the nude.

I'm sorry Megan, you lost me at "Glee"


Factoids ala Joberto:

If you like GLEE, then there is a(n):

1. 86% probability that you can't sing nor dance so you just watch it on TV and pretend to be like them.

Jobert rules!

2. 92% probability that you'd brag this in your Facebook or twitter. I mean, c'mon..who cares? It will only make you stupid. Who the hell cares man?

3. 80% chance that you have copied the way they dress up and how the characters sing. Honestly, its annoying.

4. 95% chance you are also a copycat.
There goes the country...

5. 100% chance that you are GAY. And when I say gay, its not gleefully happy gay. It's "i love edward cullen and twilight and shark boy" kind of gay

You "suck"

"Question: What's sicker than stepping on your own poo and loving it?

Answer: Watching glee with a smile on your face. "


BiasedOpinion said...

I bet you hate life also.
You can't think of anything better than criticizing POPULAR stuff.
You can't accept the fact that majority of the people who have television like Glee. Maybe the reason you can't stand Glee is because they can actually sing, and you can't.
Instead of gluing your eyes on your computer,"blogging" and complaining about stuff you don't like, why don't you go out of your fucking house and actually LIVE like a NORMAL person does, then maybe, you'll wake up from your own autistic world.
Open your eyes and realize that some people actually LOVE Glee.

What you "blog" about is only opinion. It is a biased opinion which means people will defend their answer and fight against yours.

Pinoy ka pala.
Baka sa sobrang katangahan mo, di mo maintindihan. Sorry ka na lang.




Thank you for reading the blog I have created. I really appreciate the fact that you in gave away your precious time to read it, absorb it, and replying to it with full of passion.

mission accomplished. =)

Again, from the bottom or my aorta..Thank you for making my day.

lere said...

OMG! ROTFLMAO And you made my day. Thank you!

Leonor said...

This is a pretty good blog you got here. thanks, it's nice to know that there are actually some people that don't just act according the majority... keep it up.

andie said...

Wow like seriously I want back those 2 minutes of my life i just spent reading this BS. You must really take in mind Glee if you took the precious time to make a hater "blog" about it. You say you would never watch yet you do know it is about singing and dancing, I'm guessing that at one point you did watch it. You have to face the fact that these people get paid thousands for their talents unlike you who spends hours on the computer at home b*tch*ng about stuff you wish you had. Boy, just move on with your life and let people shine. Just because you have no talent doesnt mean that your negative comments will stop anyone from showing thiers because no one really cares about what you have to say:) And enough of this "pandoy" sh*t. It starting to make me think that you are gay. And what kind of disgusting name is "pandoy"?? Pull yourself to the 21st century. Unless your one of those people who are in their 30's still living with thier parents just waiting to get laid then i completely undersatnd :) May god help you with this nasty jelousy of yours and give you something to actually live for...other then making low quality crappy "blogs" :)

Mike said...

Glee is inspirational. I'm hooked on the show, and I am currently a singer, chorus member, and straight with a wonderful girlfriend. I do like how you crossed The G, e, and e in the Glee picture, and wrote loser there. The L hand is to represent that we don't care about haters like you. We're proud. And, if I may, I'll quote Glee on this one.
"There's not much of a difference between a stadium full of cheering fans, and an angry crowd screaming abuse at you - they're both just making a lot of noise. How you take it is up to you."
-Sue Sylvester.

Maria said...

You really hate everything so... i can't do nothing to you because you suck and you're a totally gay a stupid person!!!! I love glee and I respect everybody who hates it but at least watch it so you definitely don't have credits and i just waist my time here.
Goodbye and hope you go to the doctor soon because you really need (to a veterinary, don't forget that)!

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