Friday, December 11, 2009

I hate it when you say "THE" Ateneo


*Para sa mga hindi marunong magbasa, basahin ulit yung nasa itaas ha..basahin ng mabuti* Nabasa mo na yung title? naintindihan mo?
Kung hindi pa, basahin mo ulit...
okay na? Understood na ba? Okay.. proceed below:

As per Wikipedia: The Ateneo de Manila University (also called "Ateneo de Manila" or simply "the Ateneo").

What is so simple in adding "the" before the name of your (to you, "the") school?

Common sense tells us that it's shorter and simpler if you just say "Ateneo"
Who are we kidding?

is already a fine institution which has produced the finest leaders in our country...

and his best friends: Czarina Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Czaritso (sic) Mike Arroyo came from "the" Ateneo.

Jose P. Rizal is the most-famous and foremost Ateneo alumnus.
(o bawi ako ah!)

Beat that!
(You can't! Know why? Because your school does not have any "the" before it!)

***But by adding "THE" before the name of the school is like adding insult to injury. Just like what Wesley Gonzales did to that prick Mac Cardona back in the days when the Green Archer juggernaut got blocked 2 times in his attempt to win the game just before the buzzer.***

I use THE shampoo! And you don't!

So the question lingers:
Why add "THE" ???

Wala lang!

Just to separate "Us" from the rest of the population.

Heaven and earth
Pula at puti
Light and darkness
Eat Bulaga and Wowowee
and so on...

Jobert Balbastro thinks that it's crazy... simply, its "the" elitistic-ego-booster.

Let us analyze...

The statement 1: I am THE Man.

what it means:
1. Term used to describe an individual who holds authority over another, such as an employment supervisor or police officer.
2. Term used to describe an individual who has achieved either a great accomplishment, or who is viewed as being an altogether good person.

Translation: "You suck"

The Statement 2: "I study in THE

what it means:
I study in the best damn school ever, which is Ateneo.

Translation: "You suck"

Okay, now I think you get the picture.

I just don't know where they got it. Even back in the 80's and even in the 90's, Ateneans did not put "The" before the name of the school.

I just hope they did not get it from the "rival" school "DLSU"

Guys, its NOT
"The La Salle University"
"De La Salle University"


"Have you heard about "THE" joke?
Why is THE sky blue?
Because God is an Atenean
Why is THE grass green?
It is created by God to step on."

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